William Barr Not Impacted By Attacks on His Faith
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William Barr emerges from confirmation hearing without a scratch, and might actually get Democratic votes, too

Former Attorney General William Barr underwent his confirmation hearing on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee under the new chairmanship of Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and emerged without a scratch, scrape or bruise. He came across as a consummate professional and a deeply knowledgeable, capable, and very experienced attorney – someone former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has called “probably the best-qualified nominee for U.S. attorney general since Robert Jackson in 1940.”

The calm, respectful atmosphere of the hearing was completely different from the venomous circus that prevailed during the last major confirmation hearing before the Judiciary Committee, when Brett Kavanaugh was being considered for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Democratic senators asked Barr tough questions about his views on everything from criminal justice reform to immigration enforcement to the Mueller investigation, but they seemed almost subdued compared to their rancorous questioning of Kavanaugh. And unlike the last time, the hearing was not constantly interrupted by screaming protesters who had to be carried out by the Capitol Police.


One of the most important takeaways from the hearing was Barr’s explanation that this was not a position that he was pursuing. The administration came to him, not the other way around. He is partially retired and he has been attorney general before, so it is not as if he is taking this job because he has lofty political ambitions. Barr has always been known in Washington as someone who is independent and not afraid to say what he thinks, and it seems obvious that he has no intention to use the office as a springboard to run for higher office.

Barr said during his hearing that he would not be bullied by anyone into taking any actions that he did not consider proper or in accord with the rule of law, including editorial boards, Congress or the president. He would not interfere with the investigation by special counsel Bob Mueller, whom he has known for 30 years, although he would carry out his duty as specified in Justice Department regulations to oversee the work of the special counsel.

Barr refused to agree to recuse himself as former Attorney General Jeff Sessions did when Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, tried to get him to say he would. She pushed Barr to agree to do whatever ethics officials at Justice recommended, but Barr stayed firm that while he would listen to their advice and counsel, it was the attorney general’s job to make the final decision on such ethics issues and all other matters.

Barr said that just like the prior president he worked for, George H.W. Bush, President Donald Trump had “sought no assurances, promises or commitments” from Barr “of any kind, either express or implied.” Further, Barr had not given the president any promises on any cases or investigations, including the Mueller probe, other than to run the Justice Department “with professionalism and integrity,” which is something that is very needed at the Justice Department.

Original Source: FoxNews.com

My Thoughts on This Article from Fox News

William Barr

I don’t like to get too political as I believe it can be rather dangerous, but William Barr has been in the news quite a bit. There are certain democrats that want to attack him and call him “unfit” due to his Catholic faith. To me, that’s where we are in this world and Christians and Catholics better be prepared for a time of persecution. It’s coming if things don’t change drastically over the next 5 years.

Barr may be a good sign of change to come, however. I think there is going to be a split in the Democratic party before the next Presidential election due to the very far left leaning new democrats to take office and those not so left. I think we will see some democrats siding with republicans more often as this is no longer the democratic party of JFK and it shouldn’t be the democratic party of one single Catholic or Christian.

About 95% of the democrats in office are pro-baby-murder, which should be a clear sign they side with evil. Some attacked Barr due to his faith, which is the job of Satan carried out by these men and women. It’s pretty clear the party needs a massive overhaul as it’s headed into a very evil direction that is horrible for our country and horrible for all Christians and Catholics.

Maybe Barr is a shining light and an example of how we should all stand up for what we believe in, both religiously and politically. Sometimes, I think too many people are influenced by talk shows like The View and even others on Fox News instead of thinking for themselves. Mainstream Media does nothing to help people find their own voice, but just brainwashes the masses, but Barr may be a strong leader we need and another example of how not to back down from ridiculous attacks from the far leaning left democrats and those truly working for Satan, whether they know it or not.

Between President Trump standing up for border security and Barr defending himself, maybe we can get this country headed back in the direction of morality.

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