The Mentally Deranged Are After Our Children!
2018 Dec 30 By Saul Staples 0 comment

(Natural News) Since America is now all but completely devoid of any real masculine men who possess the courage, bravery, and will to stand up and put a stop to this utter madness, so-called “Drag Queen Story Hour” is now a thing at many of America’s public libraries – including at Lafayette Public Library in Louisiana where an eccentric drag queen by the name of Dylan Pontiff is reportedly doing his part to “groom” – his words, not ours – innocent, underage children into embracing the LGBT lifestyle.

As reported by Breitbart, Pontiff, an openly homosexual male who has a sick fetish for dressing in female attire and absurd makeup, has been putting on “Drag Queen Story Hour” at Lafayette Public Library for several months now. His presentations involve indoctrinating children as young as three years old into accepting transgenderism, dressing as the opposite sex, and other deviant behaviors and belief systems – all using colorful propaganda materials that look like ordinary children’s books.

When he’s dressed in drag, Pontiff goes by the stage name “Santana Pilar Andrews,” a monicker he says he uses both at the adult entertainment clubs where he performs sexual acts, as well as at Lafayette Public Library when he’s with young children and toddlers. But don’t worry, says Pontiff: The presentations he gives to the little ones are customized to contain a “filter,” which he claims makes them appropriate for this younger audience.

“I’m here to let you know that this event is something that’s going to be very beautiful and for the children and the people that supported are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation,” Pontiff is quoted as saying. “We are trying to groom the next generation to not see the way that they just did.”

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Evil LGBT mafia is working overtime to lure innocent souls into satanic wickedness

Back in August, we reported on how the American Library Association gave its official endorsement for “Drag Queen Story Hour,” which is now taking place at libraries all across the country in at least 21 states. And these reading events are specifically tailored towards grade school and preschool age children to indoctrinate them into a pro-homosexual, pro-transgender mindset.

“We’re trying to raise people to be loving and caring individuals, and I really hope that this event is going to do that for not only just the children have this event, but children in the future,” Pontiff admitted about the true agenda behind “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

The LGBT mafia can couch it in whatever nice-sounding terminology it wants, but the fact remains that “Drag Queen Story Hour” is the epitome of debased, Western culture. Even the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah would likely be shocked and horrified at what’s taken place in the United States of Mystery Babylon these days – all in the name of “love” and “tolerance,” of course.

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My Thoughts on this Article from Natural News

Drag Queen isn't Normal

I don’t agree with all the stuff Natural News promotes, but I do agree with most. This article is spot on as the LGBT (add other letters for more mentally ill people here) has been after children for quite some time. It’s seen all over TV and becoming normalized in the minds of the easily brainwashed.

Just as big tobacco targeted and still targets children, the transgender and homosexual movement are doing the same thing. This is the devil at work 100% as eliminating any form of masculinity is how the devil wants to kill off the family unit and destroy humanity. Anybody that cannot see the spiritual warfare at play here is either blind or simply refuses to believe evil exists in this world.

Our fallen world is Satan’s playground and the transgender/homosexual movement is his greatest trick. Personally, I think those involved in this movement need our prayers more than ever as many are possessed by demons and really need an exorcism.

As Christians, it’s hard to understand what to do with this type of information. It starts with understanding these specific individuals, like Dylan Pontiff are incredibly mentally ill. They need quite a bit of help and our prayers are a good place to start. This MAN (yes that is what HE is) is likely possessed by a demon belonging to Satan.

I know, some people don’t want to see the truth, but many of these public individuals and many celebrities are possessed by demons or at least allow them to influence them. This MAN is possessed and needs help.

Personally, I think many of the leaders of the LGBTQPASFGRPTFULOV (I added more letters as it seems like every day there’s a new one to add) movement are all posessed and now those demons are after our children. It’s time to ward off the evil by allowing Jesus Christ into your home and teaching your children about the Bible and Christ instead of falling for the tricks of Satan masked in the “normalcy” of Modern Day Society.

Nothing about Drag Queens, Transgenders, Homosexuals, or those thinking they are not the biological gender they were born as is normal. All of this is mental illness and demon possession. Children are far more susceptible to the evils of Satan and He wants your children. Christ is the answer and we must pray for protection, along with praying for these enemies of Christianity.

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