Support of Abortion Would Plummet If We Were Better Connected
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If Every American Had to Watch an Abortion, Support Would Plummet

The violence committed daily against unborn babies often gets lost in the political debates about abortion.

But as the Nevada legislature considers a radical pro-abortion bill, one state journalist decided to highlight abortion’s brutal reality.

Victor Joecks, opinion columnist at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, wrote a column Saturday that describes how common abortion procedures kill unborn babies.

“If every American had to watch an abortion being performed, support would plummet,” Joecks wrote. “That’s why abortion supporters use euphemisms. They want to distract you from what the abortion debate is fundamentally about — if it should be legal to stick scissors into the skull of a preborn baby and suck her brains out.”

He described vacuum aspiration abortions, a common first-trimester procedure:

The abortionists sucks out the preborn baby with a vacuum. Sometimes the baby dies instantly. Sometimes the baby doesn’t die until she’s out of the womb. Sometimes the vacuum rips the baby’s body apart.

Dr. Paul Jarrett, a former abortionist, stopped performing abortions after a baby’s torn-off leg plugged up the vacuum he was using. Inside the womb, he found the baby’s rib cage, which contained a “tiny, beating heart.”

Later, he described brutal dismemberment abortions, which several states are trying to outlaw. In these common second-trimester abortion procedures, nearly fully-formed unborn babies are torn apart limb from limb while their hearts are beating.

Former abortionist Dr. Tony Levatino described the deadly procedure in more detail: “Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard — really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about 4 to 5 inches long.”

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The procedure is usually performed between 11 and 24 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby is somewhere between the size of a lemon and a cantaloupe. By 11 weeks, unborn babies already have fingers and toes, heartbeats and detectable brain waves. They can respond to touch, yawn, suck their thumbs and even show signs of being right or left handed.

Yet, these details are not often shared with the public. When abortion activists cannot avoid discussing the details of an abortion, they use dry, medical language that everyday people may not understand. And they dismiss the details like what Levatino provide as mere “shock” tactics.

The details are shocking and horrific, but it’s because they are true. Many women do change their minds about abortion after seeing their unborn babies’ images on an ultrasound screen. Others reconsider after learning facts about how an abortion kills their child’s life.

The public deserves to know the brutal reality that the purpose of an abortion is not to empower or free women. It is to kill a living, unique human child before they are born and the public has the chance to see the value of that child’s life.

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My Thoughts on This Article from

I cannot agree more with this headline, but I don’t think it would completely get rid of abortion or those that want abortion to be normal. I think if every mother had to see her baby on a 3-D ultrasound before an abortion, they would be far more connected and abortion would be less of a normalcy in our world. However, I don’t think support for abortion would go away completely.

Personally, I think our society has become so disconnected from life we cannot even see it. We do it with the animals we eat, the babies we abort, and even victims of horrific crimes. Maybe it’s the violence on TV that dulls our senses to it or it’s just the way our society is, but it’s wrong and horrific.

We kill and we don’t even care. In fact, we rationalize it as a good thing with abortion. We kill an innocent baby and we do it for selfish reasons we explain away as better for our own lives because of the financial ruin a baby would cause.

I can attest to this as one my children that was aborted by her mother (I was all for having the child and helping to raise it), was aborted due to the mother’s selfish need to study abroad and continue to party in her 20s. I still don’t know why we feel so entitled to “party” in our 20s when we should be creating life and raising children.

Abortion Kills

While the three abortions I have been through are some of my biggest regrets in life (I could have fought harder to save those babies and one of them was completely my fault), I also regret not having children much sooner in life and raising a family as nature has shown us we should at a younger age.

I believe abortion is a horrific thing and I agree that watching an abortion would change us all, but that’s just the start of addressing the issue. In American, we also need to get our children through their education at a younger age and get back to allowing boys to become men at a younger age and girls to become women at a younger age.

Nature tells us a boy is a man between the age of 12 and 15 (regardless of maturity level) and a girl is a woman somewhere between 11 and 14. If our children were through their education before they turned 20, they could feel confident in starting a family sooner and raising far more babies. Personally, I think the fact that we refer to college students as “college kids” is a huge part of the problem.

If college started around 16 or even earlier for some, these so-called kids could be fully grown adults before they reach 20, like they should be. This, I think, would lead less mothers down the road of abortion, but I think that’s just the start.

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