Pro-Life Does NOT Equal White Supremacy
2019 Feb 12 By Saul Staples 0 comment

Notre Dame Professors: Pro-Life People are Just White Supremacists in Disguise

A group of professors at the supposedly Catholic University of Notre Dame blasted pro-life advocates as racists during a campus event in January.

The panel discussion, hosted by Notre Dame Gender Studies Department, the St. Mary’s College Gender Studies Department and Irish 4 Reproductive Health, featured several professors who argued against unborn babies’ rights and Catholic Church teachings, One News Now reports.

“Those who push so aggressively for reproduction – continued reproduction without any controls – are those who are also more likely to be in support of making sure the country stays predominantly, overwhelmingly white,” said Dianne Pinderhughes, professor of Africana studies and political science.

The Irish Rover, the student newspaper, reports Pinderhughes also argued that the abortion debate is about controlling women’s places in society.

“[Abortion] is an issue that allows for an effort to control the place of women – I’m sure you figured that out, or you wouldn’t be at this event – but also how people will reproduce, what the population will be, what it will be like,” she argued.

Other professors made similar arguments in favor of killing unborn babies. Pam Butler, a professor of gender studies at Notre Dame, also implied that racism is at the root of the pro-life movement, according to the report.

“[Abortion] got politicized in a moment of a white supremacist strategy of the right wing of the Republican Party to mobilize a very specific set of evangelical Christians in the United States as a base,” she said.

A self-described long-time reproductive rights activist, Butler said she became involved in the 1990s and volunteered at her first abortion clinic during her senior year of high school.

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My Thoughts on This Article from

Notre Dame University

This is absolutely ridiculous and I cannot believe it’s coming from a Notre Dame Professor. I am a huge Notre Dame Football fan, but that doesn’t mean every professor, student, or faculty member will fit with the Catholic beliefs or what I stand for.

I am Pro-Life. That doesn’t make me Racist. That doesn’t make me a White Supremacists. I don’t believe anybody that is Pro-Life is Pro-Life because they are racists or think whites are somehow superior.

I am pro-life because it’s what’s right. Killing babies is wrong, simple as that. It doesn’t matter what color, race, or gender they are. It doesn’t matter how many fingers or toes the baby has. It doesn’t matter if they might be or will be disabled in any way. It doesn’t matter if the baby will live for five minutes outside the womb or for 100 years.

Dianne Pinderhughes is working for Satan at Notre Dame University right now.

Nothing more needs to be said!

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