Obama Still Promoting His Evil Agenda
2018 Dec 01 By Saul Staples 0 comment

Obama: Conservative Americans are “Confused, Blind, Shrouded With Hate, Anger, Racism, and Mommy Issues

You may have heard former President Obama accuse Americans of being “confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues” at an Obama Foundation Summit this week, analyzing why we’re not making progress on environmental issues.

Social media users sounded off on Obama’s offensive and “arrogant” description of his fellow Americans.

Republican strategist Brad Blakeman, who served in the President George W. Bush administration from 2001-2004, responded on Fox News Wednesday, asserting, “If anyone has mommy issues, it’s the president.”

Fox anchor Jon Scott was taken a bit back by the comment, so he pressed Blakeman to explain.

“I’ve heard him in public forum talk about his mother,” Blakeman said.

Another panelist, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf, was not amused.

“It’s the holiday season, we’re much better than that,” Wolf said. “You should read his two books.”

My Thoughts on this LifeNews.com Article

Evil Obama

Obama equals evil and anybody that doesn’t see it was blinded by his charisma. So many Americans heard what they wanted to hear from this evil man while not paying attention to the massive number of horrible Executive Orders he signed.

He’s a pro-death, pro-depopulation, pro-race-wars, anti-American, and exactly what the democratic party has become.

What’s most amazing to me is the credit he wants to take away from others for himself and the credit he won’t take. His administration helped move Americans into a more racist, hateful place, not the current administration.

So many false flags happened on his watch as he used a pen to do so many horrible things for this country. We need to stop giving platforms to poor excuses for men like Obama.

Just as the Clinton Foundation is very much a front for criminal activity and it will come out soon enough, the Obama Foundation is probably another front for horrible criminal activities.

Personally, I think Obama was one of the worst presidents in history and eventually, I think even most Democrats will see that. Once you get past his charisma and ability to speak well, you might have a chance to see the evil found within this man.

Original Source: LifeNews.com

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