More Pro-Abortion Violence Coming Soon!
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Abortion Activists Plan to Disrupt March for Life With Pro-Abortion “Flash Mob”

A group of radical abortion activists is planning to disrupt the March for Life on Friday with what it describes as “flash mob inspired civil disobedience.”

The Lady Parts Justice League, a pro-abortion group that makes fun of pro-lifers and jokes about aborting unborn babies in foul-mouthed rants, announced its plans earlier this weekas part of its “Operation Save Abortion!” campaign.

“Along with flash mob inspired civil disobedience actions in honor of the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade and in resistance to the hypocrisy of the antis [pro-life advocates], LPJL will stage their counter-protest against March For Life on Friday, January 18th at 12 noon on the steps of the United States Supreme Court,” according to a news release from the pro-abortion group.

The abortion activists were purposefully vague about what types of “civil disobedience” they are planning. But their hints of possible illegal activity are concerning, especially because of the thousands of young students and families who participate in the March for Life.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers are expected to flood the streets of Washington, D.C. for the peaceful human rights rally. The March for Life is held near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Since the 1973 decision, about 60 million unborn babies have been aborted in America.

Lizz Winstead, founder of the pro-abortion group and co-creator of The Daily Show, said abortion activists plan to take on pro-lifers face to face at the march. The pro-abortion groups WIN DC, ReproAction, the Feminist Majority Foundation and Advocates for Youth also are involved.

“It’s important to counter these so-called ‘pro-lifers’ and challenge them in person and out loud on their viewpoints,” Winstead said. “With the erosion of reproductive rights fueling the anti-abortion movement in ways I haven’t seen in my life, I need to do something more than just march this year so coming to DC to strategize, sign-up volunteers, and rally, feels like the perfect way to fight back.”

Earlier this week on Twitter, Winstead also hinted about their plans, saying: “We are doing a whole bunch of counter protesting. I can’t tell you everything that we’re doing because the antis [pro-lifers] would know because they follow us.”

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This would not be the first time abortion activists have disrupted the march. In 2017, abortion activists threw smoke bombs at the UK March for Life, and, for the past several years, topless abortion activists have tried to interrupt the Walk for Life in California.

Pro-life advocates increasingly have been targets of harassment and violence in the past year. Earlier this week, LifeNews reported about a pro-life advocate who was brutally assaulted outside of an abortion clinic in Fort Worth, Texas. Several weeks ago, a pro-life female lawmaker and her infant sons were cursed at by abortion activists in Ohio. And a pro-life pregnancy center was vandalized last month in Vancouver.

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My Thoughts on This Story from Life News

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Pretty simple, when pro-abortion or pro-baby-murder people get together and go after pro-lifers, they do it with violence. So often, I read stories in the news about a peaceful pro-life advocate getting attacked by someone from the other side of the debate, which shouldn’t even be a debate.

This is common in any issue. If truth isn’t on your side and evil is in control, violence will ensue. Pro-abortion people already support murdering the most innocent human lives, so why would it even seem like a stretch to think they will attack with violence?

Satan’s entire aim is to destroy the family and he’s doing it through pro-abortion lost souls. They are literally going to use civil disobedience to interrupt a peaceful walk for life because they HATE life that much.

Abortion is the most selfish thing in our world today and it cannot lead to anything good. It’s a literal sacrifice to Satan and the sad part is, all these pro-abortion baby murder supporters have no idea the portals they are opening up for demons to pass through.

Christians be on guard, but also pray for those on the other side. Jesus Christ told us to pray for our enemies and right now, pro-abortion activists need our prayers more than anybody else in this world.

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