Is the Migrant Caravan Filled with Criminals?
2018 Oct 30 By Saul Staples 0 comment

The migrant caravan, which has been met with threats from Donald Trump, is the result of poverty, growing crime and repression in Honduras. The US has played a key role in propping up the government of Juan Orlando Hernández, who was responsible for the coup in the country.

(NewsClick) For the thousands of Hondurans who are part of a migrant caravan proceeding towards the United States, the recent comments by US president Donald Trump were yet another instance of the persecution they have faced while trying to escape horrible living conditions. On Monday, Trump threatened the countries the migrants passed through – Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – with sanctions for failing to stop them. He also called them criminals. This is in addition to the brutal repression they have faced since the beginning of their journey.

Nearly 7,000 people are part of the caravan that began early last week. The reasons for their flight are diverse but most of them have to do with the absence of dignified living conditions in Honduras. People are unable to access education, health care and employment, and violence is ubiquitous. The situation has drastically worsened in the last decade with the coup d’etat, imposition of the dictatorship and the illegal reelection of Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH). Many have said that the thousands of Hondurans headed towards the United States border are not in search of the ‘American dream’ but are rather fleeing the Honduran nightmare.

The hashtag #MejorMeVoy (#ItsBetterIGo) has been trending, with people highlighting the extremely adverse conditions they are facing in Honduras.

The caravan has been met with an outpouring of solidarity from people across the world. In Guatemala and Mexico, many community organizations and residents who live along the caravan route rallied to organize supplies, food and general support for the thousands of Hondurans.

However, the state response has been one of threats. Several US officials, as well as those from Guatemala and Honduras, have warned the migrants of repression and deportation should they reach the United States. At both the Honduran border with Guatemala and the Guatemala-Mexico border, the caravan was met with tear gas and baton attacks.

Original Source: Citizen Truth

My Thoughts on this Story from Citizen Truth

Migrant Caravan
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Let’s start with the obvious…THIS IS A POLITICAL STUNT! Anybody that doesn’t believe this is somehow tied to the upcoming elections isn’t paying any attention to what really happens in this country and this corrupt world.

Yes, my Christian heart goes out to those in the caravan that are actually in need, but multiple news stories have reported groups handing out cash and food to them along their way to the United States borders. Some have even linked those handouts to very rich people looking to aid in making President Trump look like a horrible person.

This is a politically motivated caravan and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s filled with criminals. Any other group of 7,000 people coming to our border would be considered an act of war, but somehow, this group is supposed to be met with compassion and we are just supposed to let them in? Really?

I bet those thinking they should be let in wouldn’t think this if they were going to be taking jobs from them or food out of their mouths. It always seems so great when it doesn’t involve you, but as soon as it has a direct impact on you, the story will change.

This quote from the article struck me:

The systemic corruption, collapsing health system and underfunded public education are other key factors that make life in Honduras unsustainable for the majority of its citizens.

If this is what you’re trying to flee from, the United States isn’t the place to flee to. We have systemic corruption all throughout our government. We have a health system so behind and so corrupt it kills more people than it helps and we have a horribly underfunded public education. Yes, we are not as bad off as Honduras, but why should we be responsible for cleaning up another countries mess before we clean up our own?

Yes, my Christian heart wants to be compassionate to these people and I want to go there and take care of them, but they are not marching to our border to escape their country. They are doing it as a political ploy and they probably don’t even know it.

We are told in the bible to take care of the spec in our own eye before helping someone else with the plank in theirs. To me, this applies to this situation and so many other situations we, as the United States, have gotten into. We often stick our nose where it doesn’t belong and we have so many hungry, poor, poorly educated people in our own country we don’t take care of.

Maybe we should clean up our own country and take care of our own people first before we start giving our resources to the rest of the world. Would you send out mission trips, as a church, to all places in the world if you couldn’t sustain your own church at home?


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