Is America On The Brink of Civil War?
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Either Awakening or Civil War in America over Abortion

Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875) was one of the most prominent evangelists in 19th century America as well as a staunch opponent of slavery. As a pastor, he would not serve communion to Christians involved in the slave trade. And Oberlin College, where Finney served as president, became part of the “underground railroad” for escaping slaves. Yet Finney’s priorities were clear, and his prediction was that if a spiritual awakening did not come first, then the battle over slavery would end with a bloody war. It did.

That does not mean that Finney underestimated the evils of slavery.

In his sermon on “Hindrances to Revival,” Finney said, “Revivals are hindered when ministers and churches take wrong ground in regard to any question involving human rights. Take the subject of SLAVERY, for instance.”

Finny acknowledged that there were true Christians involved in slavery. But he said it was “because the sinfulness of it was not apparent to their minds. So ministers and churches, to a great extent throughout the land, have held their peace, and borne no testimony against this abominable abomination, existing in the church and in the nation.”

That, however, could continue no more.

Like slavery, God will push America to decide:  Is abortion sin?

He explained: “Light is now shed upon this subject, as it has been upon the cause of temperance. Facts are exhibited, and principles established, and light thrown in upon the minds of men, and this monster is dragged from his horrid den, and exhibited before the church, and it is demanded of them, ‘IS THIS SIN?’”

As ministers (and as Christians in general), they were duty bound to tell the truth. What, then, would they say?

“It is impossible,” Finney said, “that their testimony should not be given, on one side or the other. Their silence can no longer be accounted for upon the principle of ignorance, and that they have never had their attention turned to the subject. Consequently, the silence of Christians upon the subject is virtually saying that they do not consider slavery as a sin. The truth is, it is a subject upon which they cannot be silent without guilt. The time has come, in the providence of God, when every southern breeze is loaded down with the cries of lamentation, mourning and wo. Two millions of degraded heathen in our own land stretch their hands, all shackled and bleeding, and send forth to the church of God the agonizing cry for help. And shall the church, in her efforts to reclaim and save the world, deafen her ears to this voice of agony and despair? God forbid. The church cannot turn away from this question. It is a question for the church and for the nation to decide, and God will push it to a decision.”

Indeed, in the eyes of Finney, “It is doubtless true that one of the reasons for the low state of religion at the present time is that many churches have taken the wrong side on the subject of slavery, have suffered prejudice to prevail over principle, and have feared to call this abomination by its true name.” (My appreciation to Joshua Charles for bringing these quotes to my attention.)

Ministers’ priorities

Yet for all this, Finney felt strongly that the minister’s first priority was revival and evangelism – awakening believers in the church and then reaching unbelievers with the gospel. The fight against slavery came second.

Put another way, without changing hearts and minds on a massive, national scale, America would suffer a terrible bloodbath because of slavery.

And even though there was a powerful revival that swept America in 1857-58, not enough hearts and minds were changed, and the Civil War ensued.

What does this say to us today? Recently, John Zmirak declared, “Abortion in America Will End Badly, as Slavery Did.”

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My Thoughts on This Article from the AFA

Do I agree with this article? Yes, to an extent. While I believe the United States will either end up in a Civil War or end up with a huge Awakening, I don’t think Abortion is the only issue leading this country to the brink.

The LGBTQ movement, the Border Wall, the Ridiculous New Green Deal, Abortion, and a handful of other issues are what divide this country. While many pro-baby-murder people also support the LGBTQ movement, and want a border wall, the divide doesn’t always line up.

I do think Abortion is the last straw and the first straw was all the way back when divorce started to become more acceptable and easier.

All of this is a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER, which is the Satanic plan to destroy humanity. It’s a disgusting attack on the family unit and many of the issues found within our country and across the globe are tearing families apart. Fathers and Mothers are being turned against their children to the point where the mothers are willing to KILL their babies out of selfishness and greed.

The decision to allow an unborn baby to become born shouldn’t have anything to do with financial status, age, whether married or not, or the health of the mother. In a real, moral society, the mother doesn’t get to choose whether her baby lives or dies. They would leave it all up to God.

The biggest problem I see in the United States is the lack of God and Christ in our world. Even most of those that call themselves followers of Christ are not really followers of Christ by action, but only by words, in the right circumstance.

ALL Christians, whether Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Non-Denominational, or any other type, MUST stand up for life. This doesn’t mean just standing up for the rights of the unborn, but also ending birth control, ending sterilization surgeries, and striking down any legislation that spits in the face of life and God.

I believe any form of birth control outside of natural family planning (I still don’t know if I believe NFP is okay to be honest) is from Satan. God gives us all gifts and one of the most amazing gifts He can give to us is the life of a child. Let’s stand up to protect life at every turn and become the Christians we have been called to be.

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