Instant Family – My New Favorite Movie
2018 Nov 28 By Saul Staples 0 comment

5 Reasons to Go See ‘Instant Family’

I walked out of the theater surprised after viewing the new movie “Instant Family,” starring silver-screen heavyweights Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as foster parents.  It was not what I expected.

The film features Wahlberg as Pete and Byrne as Ellie, an upper-middle-class married couple who decide on a whim to foster three children—Lita, Juan, and Lizzy—played by Julianna Gamiz, Gustavo Quiroz, and Isabela Moner.

As someone who has volunteered with multiple adoption and foster advocacy organizations over the years, I have learned a lot about the challenges of bringing foster children into one’s home.

Movies that feature foster care and adoption storylines often miss the opportunity to highlight the whole picture. Because “Instant Family” was directed by Sean Anders, an adoptive father of three, the film offers a unique level of honesty.

I found the film refreshing in five distinct ways:

1. The comedy will surprise you.

Since I am naturally drawn to stories about adoption, I expected “Instant Family to make me cry, but I ended up laughing throughout much of the film.

Original Source: The Daily Signal

My Thoughts on This Article from The Daily Signal

The article provides five excellent reasons to see Instant Family. After viewing the movie, I agree completely.

I know nothing about foster care, but my wife and I have talked about my feeling of being called to one day adopt. I have felt for many years I am called to adopt an older child or children and not a baby, so this movie resonated with me quite a bit.

Just as Virginia Allen (the author) is drawn to stories of adoption, so am I. I don’t cry at many movies, but this one had tears in my eyes multiple times; from both sadness and joy.

I agree that we can all relate to this movie, too. While not everybody has a heart for adoption, if you are even thinking about it subconsciously, this movie will hit home with you.

I recommend everybody go see Instant Family. It’s an Instant Favorite for me!

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