Hollywood HATES Christians & Here’s Proof
2018 Dec 10 By Saul Staples 0 comment

Candace Cameron Bure Reveals How Hollywood Discriminated against Her Faith

Bure was on the Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday to promote her new Hallmark Christmas movie A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. In the interview, Williams ask the 90s sitcom superstar if she had ever felt Hollywood push back at her because of her Christian faith.

Bure said, “I have experienced discrimination in the faith department for sure, in my career. But I don’t experience it so much right now.”

“I don’t experience it as much now, I think because so many people know me for it. I think they look to me for my faith. If they’re not looking for that, they don’t hire me,” she added.

Williams then asked Bure if she could give an example of a time that her faith has affected her career. 

Bure said, “I had been booked for things and then I would get canceled like a few days before.”

She continued, “The booker would go ‘OH yeah, we don’t want her on.’”

The Christian actress noted that that particular experience had happened to her a handful of times and indicated to her that there was a bias against her because of her faith.

Original Source: Christian Headlines

My Thoughts on This Article from Christian Headlines

Candace Cameron Bure

I don’t know why this would ever come as any type of surprise to anybody. Hollywood is filled with democrats looking to support the downfall of our world. Most of the people in Hollywood are simply puppets used to promote an agenda from someone with far more money than they have.

We all either know that most celebrities have sold their soul for money and fame or we are simply not awake to the truth. While a few Christian celebrities do slip through the cracks, they don’t have it easy in Hollywood, but anytime you stick to your faith in Christ, life isn’t easy.

Christ promised we would be persecuted because they persecuted Him. If you want to be big in Hollywood and be a Christian, you either have to make a choice or expect exactly what Candice Cameron Bure has revealed. Hollywood doesn’t like Christians and probably never will, but there are a few brave people out there willing to put up with the persecution to impact the lives of others.

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