Fr. Stephen Imbarrato Headed Toward Sainthood
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Catholic Priest Courageously Enters Abortion Clinic to Save Babies From Abortion

A Catholic priest risked arrest Thursday when he entered a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C. in an effort to save unborn babies from abortion.

The “Red Rose Rescue” involved Fr. Stephen Imbarrato and two pro-life Catholic women who entered the Washington Surgi-Clinic to reach out to women waiting for abortions. These “rescues” involve pro-life advocates entering abortion facilities to give women red roses, information and prayers as they urge them to choose life for their unborn babies. In most cases, the pro-lifers are arrested for refusing to leave.

“As a Catholic priest who is an adoptive father, a great grandpa of two, and the father of two babies who died from abortion decades ago, I know all life is unique, precious, and unrepeatable from the moment fertilization,” Imbarrato said prior to the event. “We are all conceived in the image and likeness of God.”

The lives of the mothers and fathers are important to the pro-life advocates, too. They noted that abortionist Cesare F. Santangelo has been accused of medical malpractice, something his patients may not know about. According to a 2011 medical malpractice/wrongful death lawsuit, a woman named Rebecca Carey Charland died after being treated for a miscarriage at the abortion facility. Charland’s family accused Santangelo of negligence in her treatment.

His D.C. abortion facility aborts unborn babies up to 27 weeks of pregnancy, long past the point of viability.

Imbarrato defended their controversial strategy for reaching out to mothers inside Santangelo’s practice.

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“Many abortion facilities are now located in multi-unit buildings in which the moms are not identifiable or accessible to sidewalk counseling,” he said. “We are not going to abandon these moms and babies because we can’t counsel them outside the building.

“It is absolutely moral, right, and just…indeed necessary to peacefully enter these waiting rooms trying to save these babies and help these moms. Lack of outside access should never stop us from trying to save babies and help pregnant moms,” he continued.

The pro-lifers said they planned to offer every mother a rose with a card and the following message: “God is love and he loves you and your unborn baby. Don’t be afraid. Your life circumstances will change and this baby will give you boundless joy… There is help for you and your baby.” The card also includes the phone numbers of local pregnancy help centers.

Imbarrato said he was arrested twice before during similar rescue attempts.

“Trying to peacefully save babies who otherwise would have no opportunity for life, is a matter of conscience and a moral obligation,” Imbarrato said.

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My Thoughts on This Article from Life News

End Abortion Now

Personally, I think this is a story of a future saint. We need more men and women courageous enough to stand up for what’s good and right in our world and not succumb to the peer pressure of the ridiculous modern society garbage.

I am falling in love with the stories I hear about the “Red Rose Rescue” and these individuals willingness to be arrested for doing what they believe to be right and just. The innocent babies murdered everyday by evil doctors and brainwashed mothers deserve to be heard and these people are fighting for them.

Christians should ALL be Pro-Life and we can all do something to help this movement end abortion. You don’t have to do what this priest did to help, but you can, if that’s your calling. Maybe you’re just called to support a pregnant teenager or any pregnant mother in your family that has been ridiculed and told to have an abortion. Maybe you’re called to be the voice of reason and the voice for that baby.

Maybe your simply called to be a mother or a father to your own babies without using birth control of any kind or abortion to kill the babies you are called to parent. No matter what it is, we can all do something to help the innocent be heard and have a chance at life.

Let’s make 2019 the year abortion becomes illegal and finally seen as the evil it really is. You can do your part by supporting the cause in any way, shape, or form. There is no such thing as doing something too little as even the smaller things are important if they help lead to even one less aborted baby.

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