“Extreme” or Morally Right? Kamala Harris is Scared of Truth
2019 Jan 04 By Saul Staples 0 comment

Kamala Harris Says a Trump Nominee is “Extreme” Because He’s a Pro-Life Catholic Man

Democratic Senators Kamala Harris (CA) and Mazie Hirono (HI) recently sent some written questions to Trump judicial nominee Brian C. Buescher implying that his membership in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charitable organization, could affect his judicial impartiality due to what they believed to be the group’s “extreme positions.”

The group replied this week by extending a special invitation to the senators to participate in their charitable events and learn about the group firsthand.

The D.C.-area Knights of Columbus Council, Patrick Cardinal O’Boyle Council 11302, explained their work in an open letter.

They said they read “about statements which expressed the fear that the Knights of Columbus held many extreme beliefs,” writing, “it is our great pleasure to assure you that this fear is not grounded in any truth.”

“The Knights of Columbus in general, and O’Boyle Council in particular are dedicated to the three fundamental principles of charity, unity, and fraternity,” they wrote. “In the past few months O’Boyle Council has worked with local parishes including St Peter’s (House-side Catholic church) and St Joseph’s (Senate-side Catholic church) to raise funds and give away over $4,000 worth of coats to neighborhood children, collect soda and beer can tabs to donate to the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute which helps the developmentally disabled, and collect diapers and other supplies for new mothers in need.”

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“Over the course of the past year we donated an ultrasound machine to a clinic, picked up trash around Nationals Park, and donated supplies to a local school. We do all this as well as social gatherings and spiritual events,” they continued. “We hope this list of activities help to assure you that we are simply a group aiming to do God’s work while building friendships.”

Original Source: TownHall.com

My Thoughts on this Article from TownHall.com

Knights of Columbus

You can tell there’s a huge issue in society when the morally correct are labeled as Extreme. What’s better than a pro-life person getting nominated by the president? Sure, he’s Catholic and that’s going to piss off some of you Christians that look down upon our church and the Catholic faith, mainly because you simply don’t understand it, even when you think you do.

I don’t see this as Extreme. I actually wish those labeling themselves at Catholics would wake up and look into their faith deeper. If they did, maybe we’d see a Catholic president, an end to abortion, an end to women popping pills to keep babies from being born as they ruin their health, and an end to many other horrible things in this world.

Is the Catholic church perfect? No. It’s run by humans and humans screw up everything. However, the Catholic faith provides the basis of what true morality looks like. As a Catholic, I am not just pro-life, but I am also anti-birth control, which is seen as extreme because most people want to be in control and selfish with their lives these days.

It’s rather appalling to think a person taking a strong stance against same-sex marriage is considered extreme. The same goes for
Brian C. Buescher  pro-life stance.

This is just another way the Democrats are attacking anything that’s actually moral and good in our society. You don’t even have to agree with the whole of the Catholic church to see why this is a great choice for a judicial nominee.

Shouldn’t we consider it more extreme when an nominee support two men or two women getting married and other unnatural things, such as abortion? Shouldn’t we find the horrific genocide of abortion, our tainted food supply, and other forms of population control to be extreme instead of those actually standing up for what’s right, just, and moral in our world?

As a Catholic, I find this to be a bold and genius move from President Trump. I hope he gets the opportunity to make more judicial nominations before his time in office is over. I hope he gets re-elected as eight years of a president willing to go against the ridiculous elites might be the only thing that truly saves this country and this planet.

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