End Times for The United States are Near
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American’t: From midterms to end times

Truly great disasters come like a thief in the night. How many foresaw Rome’s sacking in 410 A.D., her collapse 66 years later, WWI or WWII? As for today, how many see that the United States is at what some call a tipping point, what others may call a Fourth Turning? Whatever you call it, the American republic is in its last days. This is too scary for many to contemplate, but there’s something far scarier: playing ostrich and not being prepared for things to come.

The so-called Left, ever violent since its French Revolution birth and as power hungry as ever, wholly controls the culture: the media, mainstream and social; academia; and entertainment. This means it controls long-term politics, since the latter is downstream of culture. So is big business, mind you, which is why the Left controls most of it as well; this, of course, translates into funding.

Trump’s 2016 victory will not MAGA; it was merely a stay of execution, a prolonging of the inevitable. This should have been obvious in a country that could elect Barack Obama and then, like the Titanic having backed up to hit the iceberg again, re-elect him. If it wasn’t, it should be obvious now that the Democrats have seized the House in a Watergate-level rout.

The notion that this was a standard result for a president’s first midterm is only comforting when viewing matters in relative terms; that is, the “‘political spectrum’ always has a right and left side no matter how far ‘left’ that spectrum moves.”

The problem? Civilizational ebbs and flows (and collapses) are governed by absolutes, such as right and wrong; not relative qualities, such as right and left. Thinking otherwise is like supposing your transition from stage-one to stage-four cancer as a 70-year-old is like when you went from a bruised arm to a broken one as a 12-year-old because, well, both involve movement toward diminished states of health.

But this isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. Voters this time empowered socialistic to socialist to closet-communist, sexual devolutionary, rabble-rousing, low-I.Q., no-virtue, ignorant freaks who often encourage political violence by their Antifa-Brownshirt useful idiots. So it’s not your great-grandfather’s America, either.

Original Source: RenewAmerica.com

My Thoughts on this Article from RenewAmerica

Immoral America

While I agree with Selwyn Duke on most of the points in this article, I believe this article is a bit incomplete, even though it’s long. It will take more than just MAMA to get us there.

One of the biggest problems we face, IMHO, is the lack of connection with nature, especially as men. We used to respect the animals we ate because we killed them ourselves. Now, we feel entitled to eat their flesh.

We used to plant seeds, work the land, and truly connect with the earth, but most farming is done by big corporations to feed those same animals we see represented at slabs of meat in grocery stores.

Yes, we need a new moral compass in today’s modern society and I agree, the election of Trump was a stay of execution or a start of something new, but it’s going to take more.

Most of what I think we need will fall under MAMA, for sure. I think our public education system is doomed and has been long before the ridiculous CORE math crap infiltrated our schools. A turn to Home Schooling and Mom not working will make a HUGE difference.

Trading Time Making Money with Other Adults to Miss Out on Our Children Growing Up

Why do we give up so much time to make money, while we miss out on our children’s lives? We let school teachers, coaches, principles, and others raise our kids for us instead of raising them ourselves. Then, we get upset when our children disagree with something we consider a core belief.

I don’t think every single parent is called to be a homeschool teacher, but I do believe more are than currently homeschool. Every single homeschool parent I have met says they wouldn’t trade the time they get with their children for any amount of money.

We only get one real resource in this world and its time. Would you rather spend more raising your children or chasing the almighty, evil-laden dollar?

Modern Sexuality Spits in the Face of God & Mother Nature

Homosexuality, transgender, pre-marital sex, birth control, and abortion all spit in the face of God and mother nature. These are some of the most immoral things we continue to tolerate and even accept in our world today.

I don’t want to hear one more person say they were born homosexual and use that as a justification to have sex with people of the same gender (there are only two, btw). It’s a weak and empty argument as many of us men were born with DNA that makes us struggle with lust, but you don’t see us mounting every woman we find attractive.

You can say you were born gay all day long, but you make the CHOICE to act upon those feelings. Some don’t make that choice because they know it’s wrong, which equals morality. Others have decided their version of “love” trumps all and that version of “love” is really a tyrannical version of tolerance where most homosexual activists want everybody to accept it as natural or die.

Yes, we need to MAMA and we need to bad or this country will become so much more split than it already is today. The lunatic left has become so disconneced with nature and what’s so clearly natural that they can only be described as demon possessed.

Time for Mass Exorcisms

The United States needs to MAMA, yes, big time. We also need Mass Exorcisms as the demons of satan have taken over so many souls it’s scary. This is exactly what happened to Rome as they went into a period of sexual “freedom” or depravity with appetites that could not be filled due to the idols they created, which we now struggle with today.

The Catholic church needs to send about 95% of the Priests trained to perform exorcisms to the United States. These Priests needs to cast demons out of millions of people as quickly as possible.

Sure, it sounds crazy, but to anybody that has any understanding of the bible, it’s not so crazy. Jesus casts out demons all throughout the Gospels and so did the disciples. It has only become weird in our world because of the left and satans soldiers here on earth.

Want to save America? Stop letting the far left have power and stop accepting all these unnatural things as normal. Stop watching TV shows with gay children, gay relationships, transgender characters, pre-marital sex, abortion glorified, and all the other immoral things of today’s horrific modern society.

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