“Desmond is Amazing” Has Been Horribly Abused
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LGBTPQ insanity: 11-year-old “Desmond Is Amazing” dances like a stripper at gay bars where pedophile perverts throw dollar bills at him

(Natural News) The United States of Sodom and Gomorrah has reached a whole new low with its newfound acceptance and even praise for the open promotion of child sex abuse within the LGBTPQ community – the “P” in LGBTPQ, of course, standing for pedophilia.

A gay bar in New York City known as “3 Dollar Bill,” which describes itself as “queer owned & operated” and claims to be “Brooklyn’s Premiere Queer Bar & Performance Venue,” has been quietly allowing an 11-year-old boy who goes by the transgender stage name of “Desmond Is Amazing” to prance around the venue like a stripper in drag while grown homosexuals and pedophiles throw dollar bills at the boy’s half-naked body.

As reported by LifeSiteNews.com, Desmond has been performing at this disgusting LGBTPQ club for some time now – the latest affront to decency and the natural sexual order by the militant LGBTPQ mafia.

“Perhaps sensing the horrific optics of the event, LGBT news sites have assiduously avoided reporting that their favorite 11-year-old drag kid ‘Desmond Is Amazing’ danced on stage in a New York gay bar while adult male patrons tossed money his way as if he were a male stripper,” writes Doug Mainwaring for LifeSiteNews.com about what’s taking place at 3 Dollar Bill.

For more news about the sick and depraved culture that typifies the LGBTPQ community, be sure to check out Gender.news and LiberalMob.com.

Three Dollar Bill bar requires patrons to put cell phones in locked, magnetic cases so they can’t capture video and audio evidence of pedophilia

A man by the name of Yosef Ozia from Ozia Media was the first to break the story, publishing shocking images and video footage of young Desmond performing at 3 Dollar Bill in front of hordes of creepy LGBTPQ degenerates.

Original Source: NaturalNews.com

My Thoughts on this Article from NaturalNews.com

Source: Christiannews.net

Let me just say this makes me absolutely sick. The parents of this young boy should be locked up in a nut house and given an exorcism, along with a very strong punishment (life in prison makes sense to me).

The ridiculous club called 3 Dollar Bill should be burned to the ground and the owners should be jailed, along with all the patrons that stepped into this place for the “Desmond is Amazing” show. In addition, EVERY city should be sweeping the bars and clubs looking for these types of places as I am sure this is one of many found throughout the United States.

Mainstream Media should be covering this day and night, protests should be happening outside the house of these terrible parents, and those entering the club should have people screaming at them in protest like they are crossing a picket line.

Seriously, anybody that thinks this is okay and glorifies it at all is punching their ticket to hell one horrific sin at a time. If you think it’s okay for a young boy to dress in drag and gyrate for disgusting pedophiles, you need to reassess your entire life and everything you think is good, bad, and moral. You need to drop to your knees immediately and pray for God’s forgiveness if you even think for a second this kind of behavior is okay in any way, shape, or form.

I can’t say it any better than Matt Walsh did:

“Imagine it was an 11-year-old girl dancing sexually at a bar while a bunch of adult men hooted and hollered and tossed dollar bills in her direction,” writes Matt Walsh for The Daily Wire.
“Do you think such a sight would be applauded by anyone aside from the pedophiles in attendance? Do you think the Today Show would gush, as they did for Desmond, ‘Meet the 10-year-old ‘burlesque kid’ taking over social media with an inspiring message?’ No, of course not.”
“If a young girl were ever traipsed on stage in such a context, the establishment would be raided by the police, every adult in the building would be arrested, and the parents would go to prison and lose custody,” he added.

There is nothing inspiring about a bunch of sick, demon possessed adults glorifying child abuse. I don’t think it should matter that this isn’t a bioligical female, it’s still sick. I also don’t understand why any mother would push to have her child’s gender changed like the mother of this horrifically abused little boy.

She’s not a mother, however. She is whoring herself out to modern society through ruining her son’s life so that she can become popular, famous, and rich. This is the devil at work in a big way and our prayers should go out to this entire family, along with the authorities not doing their jobs.

The minute this footage went public, arrests should have happened and this little boy should have been turned over to child services. Sadly, this will probably not happen, even though it should. Arrests will probably never be a part of this story because it will die off in a week or so after the mainstream media has made it as normal as possible.

Maybe, after a number of other little boys are abused, we will realize this is horrific and should NEVER be a part of our society. Glory given to this kind of garbage is no different than worshiping Satan. All who have participated are headed towards the fires of hell if they don’t change their ways and soon! Pray for these lost souls as they may be our enemies right now, but the worst sinners can also become the best Christians.

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