Christian Musicians Going Mainstream: Good or Bad?
2019 Feb 09 By Saul Staples 0 comment

What happens when Christian artists go mainstream?

Elvis Presley, Jennifer Hudson and Katy Perry are just a few examples of artists who started off singing in church and went on to have massive mainstream success.

While many secular singers release gospel albums at some point in their careers, we wanted to look at what has happened to four of today’s well-known Christian artists after they crossed over into mainstream music. Did they flounder or did they maintain their popularity among their Christian fanbase as they gained a following with secular audiences?

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Overall, I don’t see a problem with a Christian artist wanting to go mainstream. However, if they are going mainstream for the money or the fame, they are taking the glory and putting it on themselves instead of giving it to God. This can present a problem for sure.

Those going mainstream to reach a larger audience, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for the right reasons should be commended and we should all pray that God’s Angels will protect them during this journey. You better believe Satan is trying to get to each and every one of them as he knows if he can, he may be able to turn some away from Christ and at the very least keep the musician from influencing others for Christ.

I will say, I don’t think going mainstream helped gain anybody for the army of God from Elvis Presley or from Katy Perry. Perry might as well be a Satanist and she has influenced many into evil. Out of all the singers I know that started off Christian and went mainstream, she may be the worst when it comes to succombing to the temptations of Satan.

As Christians, we just need to be careful what we listen to and allow to enter into our heads. Music can be brainwashing and can make you feel things you shouldn’t feel. It can also be a great way to praise God and give Him glory.

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