Abortion Activists Are Equivalent to Hitler
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Rape Victim’s Decision to Choose Life Makes Her the Target of Abortion Activists


Jennifer Christie used her traumatic experience to spread a powerful message about choosing life but has recently found herself the victim of numerous attacks by abortion activists.After being raped while on a business trip in 2014, she soon learned that she was pregnant and gave birth to a son nine months later. Despite the distressing situation she faced, Christie made the decision to appear in a pro-life video and speak for rape victims who become pregnant and make the choice to keep their babies.

The Christian Institute reports that since she appeared in the pro-life video, Christie has become the target of abortion activists who have put numerous shocking tactics in play. These activists have shared horrific videos showing the rape and mutilation of women, while a separate video depicting strobe lighting was sent to Christie in an effort to provoke her photosensitive epilepsy.Photo courtesy: Unsplash


The video Christie appeared in for ‘Save the 1’, attempts to represent those who were conceived through rape as well as mothers who have children that are born as the result of sexual assault. The video, which only spans three minutes, has been viewed over 1.4 million times. 

In her message, Christie emphasized that her son was “a reminder that love is always stronger than hate.” She mentioned that while several people pushed her to get an abortion, women in the same position as she was in need “hope and help”, instead of “violence on top of violence”. 

Christie urged abortionists to refrain from using her rape “as a banner to hide behind and excuse the genocide of the innocent.”

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Jennifer’s husband, Jeff, also made his beliefs regarding the holiness of human life known. 

Jeff stated that babies conceived in rape are not ‘terrible reminders’. “They are opportunities for healing and a way to find meaning from nightmarish meaningless actions.”

“I also recognized that our son had nothing to do with the horror she went through,” he noted. 

He reminds other female rape victims that abortion does not need to be the answer, saying that “there are always options. ALWAYS people to help”.

In regards to abortionists who want to refuse men the chance to express their pro-life views, Jeff firmly declares: “Don’t tell me I can’t argue for life in the womb. I will.”

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Jonathon van Maren, commenting for Life Site News, noted that: “Someone furious that Jennifer was defending her son’s right to exist and condemning abortion as the killing of pre-born children wanted to make her suffer for her stand in the most repulsive way.”

“It is awful to think that young women defending the weak and the vulnerable and standing up for their own children would be subjected to sexualised attacks.”

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Original Source: Christian Headlines

My Thoughts on This Article from Christian Headlines

Yes, I said it and I meant it. Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion and both are Pro-Murder. If you’re Christian and you support anything outside of Pro-Life, you need to pick up your bible and start reading the Gospels right now. Then, you need to pray for your soul as Christ is 100% Pro-Life and EVERY Christian should be, as well.

Abortion activists are just as bad as Nazis under the rule of Hitler, if not worse. At least the Nazis were making the choice between the horrible things they did and their own lives. Abortion activists are not choosing between their own lives and the persecution of someone else. 

No, they are choosing to kill the innocent as they follow the satanic motto of “Do What Thou Wilt”. Those choosing abortion often choose convenience, self, and evil over the life of a child.

Christ supports all life, regardless of how it comes into the world. I don’t know why Pro-Abortion murderers use rape as their platform so often. Just because the baby was born into this world in a less than desirable way doesn’t mean it should be punished.

Jennifer Christie is a very brave woman and understands exactly how to choose life over murder. Those attacking her are working for satan as there is no other realistic way to explain why they would attack someone setting an example of what is right, real, and moral in a society filled with horrific baby murders disguised as feminists.

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