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Welcome Message

Welcome, I am the Bearded Bible Thumper and this is the BBT Live Show. Today, I will be talking about Free Abortion, a few Demoncrats, an Uber Driver, several lies about the Catholic Church, and much more!

Let’s start with a prayer.

Opening Prayer

Litany of Humility

O Jesus! meek and humble of heart, Hear me.

From the desire of being esteemed,

Deliver me, Jesus.

From the desire of being loved…

From the desire of being extolled …

From the desire of being honored …

From the desire of being praised …

From the desire of being preferred to others…

From the desire of being consulted …

From the desire of being approved …

From the fear of being humiliated …

From the fear of being despised…

From the fear of suffering rebukes …

From the fear of being calumniated …

From the fear of being forgotten …

From the fear of being ridiculed …

From the fear of being wronged …

From the fear of being suspected …

That others may be loved more than I,

Jesus, grant me the grace to desire it.

That others may be esteemed more than I …

That, in the opinion of the world,

others may increase and I may decrease …

That others may be chosen and I set aside …

That others may be praised and I unnoticed …

That others may be preferred to me in everything…

That others may become holier than I, provided that I may become as holy as I should…

Source: Prayer of Humility

News Story of the Week

As usual, the horrific things our society pushes are starting in California. I believe California is so far left because when you look at a map, it’s literally, all the way to the left of our country. Just a little humor to lighten the mood before we get serious.

So, a new article from LifeNews.com written by Kristan Hawkins, was released yesterday with the headline, “California Bill Would Require Free Abortions at Every College and University”. Before I even get into the article, can I just say how horrible this is for our young people?

Free abortions on EVERY college and university is a terrible idea. It’s teaching young mother’s to be that killing a child is okay, normal, and should be easy to get. I don’t say this lightly, as I was on the other side of an abortion when the woman I was with was in college.

She agonized for what seemed like about 5 minutes over the decision and my opinion didn’t matter, as I told her I would do everything I could to help raise the child. Money didn’t stop her from getting an abortion, but the distance she had to drive did delay it, even though it didn’t change the outcome.

Offering free abortions on every college and university campus will lead to more destroyed lives than we already see from legal baby murder in this country. This comes directly from Satan as all evil things do.

Okay, I’ve said my piece, let’s get into the article.

The article starts by talking about all the measures colleges and universities are taking to keep their students safer, such as cybersecurity and fraternity suspensions. While they are trying to keep students safe, they are also trying to push chemical abortion drugs becoming a free option from health centers on campuses.

The article points out, “pro-choice Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the last push to force all California colleges and universities to provide life-ending drugs on campuses, noting, “(b)ecause the services required … are widely available off-campus, this bill is not necessary.”

The article also states, “Not only do the drugs that cause a painful self-induced “miscarriage-like” abortion over days fail up to 10 percent of the time to end a pregnancy, risk of infection and death are possible.”

If you saw the movie Unplanned, this is describing what she went through when the evil Satanic organization of Planned Parenthood told her it was be easy and relatively painless.

In addition, the article quotes updated facts from the FDA about these abortion drugs stating, “As of December 31, 2018, there were reports of 24 deaths of women associated with Mifeprex since the product was approved in September 2000, including two cases of ectopic pregnancy resulting in death; and several cases of severe systemic infection (also called sepsis), including some that were fatal…”

I tend to agree with the author of the article, as well, when she says, “By design, SB 24 will create chaos through the university system in California, increased liability for schools and potential loss of student life, as well as establishing a potentially unconstitutional program that will violate the conscience rights of both students and campus healthcare center personnel.”

The article also points out that, while this bill is all about providing free abortion drugs on campus, it’s something students will likely be paying through the student fees since, “UC and CSU health programs are funded through student fees, it is not just possible but likely students will ultimately be paying for their classmates’ abortions.”

For Catholics and pro-lifers, this means avoiding college in California as funding abortion should be avoided at all costs!

This is an absolutely horrible idea and one nobody should support. Of course, Satan wants to go after impressionable and vulnerable people, which is what college campuses are filled with. The time most people spend in college helps to shape them for at least the next decade.

If you live in California or have any influence in the state, this is a bill that should be met with incredible opposition and should NEVER be passed!

Religious Item of the Week

Rugged Rosary

The original maker of Paracord Rosaries created to survive just about anything. These rosaries are made in the USA and provide the perfect gift for any man or woman looking or a truly Rugged Rosary. My wife gave me mine for Christmas this past year and I take it everywhere. It’s the most durable rosary I have ever found and I will leave a link in the Description to some of my favorite Rugged Rosaries found on Amazon.com.

You can also find them at RuggedRosary.com

Christian Joke of the Week

A circuit-riding preacher trained his horse to go when he said, “Praise the Lord,” and to stop when he said, “Amen.” The preacher mounted the horse, said “Praise the Lord,” and went for a ride in the nearby mountains.

When he wanted to stop for lunch by a mountain stream, he said, “Amen.”

He took off again, saying “Praise the Lord.”

The horse started heading toward the edge of a cliff on a narrow mountain trail. The preacher got excited and said, “Whoa!” Then he remembered and said, “Amen,” and the horse stopped just short of the edge.

The preacher was so relieved that he looked up to heaven and said, “Praise the Lord!”

Satan’s Soldier

Governor Tony Evers – DEMONcrat

I don’t know much about Governor Tony Evers, but based on two articles from LifeNews.com, I am making him my Satan’s Soldier for this week. As I always say, it’s not too late. He can confess his sins and stop committing them to get off my list and back into the graces of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

According to one of the articles, “Tony Evers, the Wisconsin Democratic governor will veto a bill that would have protected newborn babies from infanticide in his state.”

Anybody willing to veto a bill that will protect the most innocent humans on earth is certainly working for Satan, not Christ. Evers wants to take away any accountability for Baby Murder Doctors refusing to provide medical care and treatment for any babies capable of surviving an a murder attempt we call abortion.

One of the legislators behind the bill was quoted in the article and said:

“We wanted to reaffirm the fact that babies that survive abortions have the right to anything any other living, breathing individual in the state does,” Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, said. “And doctors have the responsibility to care for that child as they would for any other person who was living and breathing.”

The bill, co-authored and sponsored by Republican leaders of both houses, requires health care providers present during a failed abortion attempt “to exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care provider would render to any other child born alive.”

If a doctor or nurse fail to do so, and fail to admit the infant to a hospital, he or she could face felony charges and up to $10,000 in fines. Health care providers  “intentionally causing the death of a child born alive” as a result of a failed abortion, could face life in prison.

Evers seems to think it’s an unnecessary law and he also wants women to have the right to murder their babies no matter if they survive an abortion attempt. He was quoted in the article and said:

“I think those protections already exist,” Evers said in an interview Monday. “We have all sorts of issues to deal with in the state of Wisconsin and to pass a bill that is redundant seems to be not a productive use of time. And clearly I ran on the belief — and I still believe — that women should be able to make choices about their health care. But this deals with a specific issue that’s already been resolved.”

The Wisconsin Right to Life was also quoted in the article and said:

“Before Governor Evers even gave the public an opportunity to speak, he announced that his veto pen was out and ready,” shared Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

“Thankfully, Wisconsin did pass a bill to protect unborn babies born alive from failed abortion attempts that was signed into law on December 18, 2003. I would encourage Governor Evers to read our current law and the current bill that was introduced. He would see they are not the same,” she added.

She told LifeNews:

“This recently introduced bill will help health care providers understand the degree of care they must offer a baby born alive during a failed abortion. It will also give guidance to those who are an employee of a hospital, physician’s office or a clinic where abortions are performed who know that a baby born alive from a failed abortion and didn’t receive the proper care report this failure to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

“When a child is born prematurely via natural labor, induced labor or via cesarean section doctors have a clear understanding of the steps that must be taken to ensure they are giving the child every opportunity at life. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case when a baby is born alive during a failed abortion.

“We knew Governor Evers was extreme when it came to abortion, but now we understand how far he is willing to go to protect the abortion industry in Wisconsin. He refuses to give babies who have already survived death from abortion the same care as a baby born at the same gestational age.

“Wisconsin’s children – both born and unborn – deserve better than this. Governor Evers needs to stand up for all of our children, not just the ones he thinks are valuable. All life is valuable.”

Of course, nobody that knows anything about this Soldier of Satan finds this surprising. I didn’t have to dig very deep to find out he’s one of those idiots that seems to think an abortion is just another medical procedure.

Evers isn’t alone, however. Another one of Satan’s Soldiers vetoed a similar bill in North Carolina. Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the “Born-Alive Abortion survivors Protection Act just a week ago, which aimed to make it a law that physicians have to provide care when an infant survives the abortion attempt on their life.

Joining the list of Satan’s Soldiers, US District Judge William Osteen struck down the ban on abortions after 20 weeks in North Carolina, according to another LifeNews.com article.

Of course, these sick and evil individuals are not alone as many states have made it easier and easier to murder babies. This week, Governor Evers is my Satan’s Soldier and we must pray for him.

His heart is so hard he cannot even see how horrifying it is for a mother to kill her pre-born baby, and even if it survives the attempt on it’s life, she can still refuse care and let the child die. It’s absolutely sick and people like this governor need to be called out for the evil things they do.

Saintly Soldier

Uber Driver Refusing to Take a Woman for an Abortion

True acts of courage and bravery often happen when nobody is really watching. They happen when someone stands up for what they believe in regardless of the consequences and they do it simply because they know it’s the right thing to do.

This week’s Saintly Soldier is the Uber Driver that refused to take a woman to get an abortion. This is one strong individual and I commend this person for standing up for what’s right and standing up for that innocent life.

According to an article from LifeNews.com,

“An Uber driver who refused to take a woman to her abortion appointment has been fired, various news outlets now are reporting.

The pro-life driver has been facing a huge backlash online after the woman’s Reddit post about her experience went viral earlier this week. Neither the woman’s name nor the driver’s are known, and the incident has not been confirmed.”

The article stated the woman is 20 years old and in college in New York. She was quoted by saying she is “in no position to care for a child.”

She had ordered an Uber and when she got in, the driver seems uncomfortable. Once he found out she was going to an abortion clinic, he offered to take her home, but refused to take her to the abortion clinic.

Not only did this driver refuse to take her, but he also told her about “how awful the procedure is” and stated she may “regret this decision for the rest of her life,” according to the young mother to be, as she was quoted in the article.

She refused a ride home from the driver and reported him to both Uber and the police. She is also considering suing the driver for refusing to aid her in killing her pre-born child.

This driver is my Saintly Soldier because he didn’t give in. He stood up for what he believed in and he had to know there could be serious consequences.

Our ridiculous world is run by a society that thinks you have to be prepared to have a child in about a dozen ways, which you don’t. My own parents were only 17 and 19 when they had my older brother and were nowhere near prepared, but they figured it out. Most parents will tell you that you’re never truly prepared, but you figure it out.

Our society says you can kill your baby instead of taking care of it, but this Uber driver won’t give you a ride or aid you in the abortion at all. For this reason, he’s my Saintly Soldier. Thank you sir for risking your livelihood while standing up for your beliefs. Maybe Lyft will hire you to drive for them!

Secular Song of the Week

Here we go again this week with a fun little secular song directly from one of Satan’s newer puppets. This week’s song is:

Sweet But Psycho

Ava Max

Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Oh, she’s hot but a psycho

So left but she’s right though

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

She’ll make you curse, but she a blessing

She’ll rip your shirt within a second

You’ll be coming back, back for seconds

With your plate, you just can’t help it

I don’t think anybody making you curse is truly a blessing and the sexual innuendo here is a bit ridiculous.

No, no

You’ll play along,

Let her lead you on

You’ll be thinking, “No, no”

Then saying, “Yes, yes, yes,”

‘Cause she messin’ with your head

Hmmm….sounds like she works for Satan if she’s messing with my head. Sometimes, we forget Satan loves to use women to temp men, make other women jealous, and set examples for little girls they should never follow.

Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Oh, she’s hot but a psycho

So left but she’s right though

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Grab a cop gun. Kinda crazy

She’s poison but tasty

Yeah, people say, “Run, don’t walk away,”

‘Cause she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

See, someone said, “Don’t drink her potions

She’ll kiss your neck with no emotions

When she’s mean, you know you love it

She tastes so sweet. Don’t sugarcoat it.”

She gives away potions and kisses necks without emotion, sounds like a witch to me.

No, no

You’ll play along,

Let her lead you on

You’ll be thinking, “No (No, no, no), no (No).”

Then saying, “Yes, yes, yes,”

‘Cause she messin’ with your head

Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Oh, she’s hot but a psycho

So left but she’s right though

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Grab a cop gun. Kinda crazy

She’s poison but tasty

Yeah, people say, “Run, don’t walk away,”

‘Cause she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

You’re just like me, you’re out your mind

I know it’s strange. We’re both the crazy kind

You’re tellin’ me that I’m insane

Boy, don’t pretend that you don’t love the pain

Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Oh, she’s hot but a psycho

So left but she’s right though

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Grab a cop gun. Kinda crazy

She’s poison but tasty

Yeah, people say, “Run, don’t walk away,”

Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho

A little bit psycho

At night she’s screamin’, “I’m-ma-ma-ma out my mind.”

Obviously, this isn’t a song anybody needs to indulge themselves with. It’s sick, twisted and about a woman basically being used by Satan to temp others.

The video, of course, isn’t any better and since I watched it, you don’t have to put yourself through the harm. I will tell you what you’re missing out on, which isn’t much.

So the video starts in black and white with a young couple under an umbrella kissing while an evil looking lady with black tears coming out of her eyes is staring at them. Can we say stalker?

Then we go to color and the singer is showing off her cleavage and mid-section, of course. She still has the black tears in some scenes, too.

Then, we go back to the young couple and they are eating dinner. Now the girl looks like a demon and she is serving the man potions as she stares at him like a creep.

The guy passes out as the woman comes at him with a knife and fork. Next, she has an ax and is wearing a wedding dress. Then, the guy is passed out in the bed while she’s singing in a wedding dress. This has date rape written all over it.

Then, there’s a creep scene where she’s abusing the guy and it looks like he’s tied up and she’s doing witch craft.

It only gets worse from here, as she is choking him in one scene and it seriously looks like she’s a lot psycho and into serious witch craft as it ends with fire.

So, in conclusion, this isn’t a song or video you or your children need to see. It’s not innocent and nothing about it glorifies God. In fact, it glorifies Satan in a very deceiving way.

What I am Reading Now

Signs of Life by Scott Hahn

20 Catholic Customs and their Biblical Roots

I just started reading this book and I can already tell it will become one of my favorites very quickly. I have heard Scott Hahn talk and he’s an amazing speaker and author. If you don’t know his story, he was a Protestant Preacher and converted to Catholicism. It’s certainly worth hearing and you can find it on YouTube. Just search for Scott Hahn conversion story.

Praying for our Enemies

Jesus Christ told us to pray for our enemies. Right now, I believe anybody standing for infanticide and abortion are enemies of Christ. This week, I am asking all Christians to pray for the following people:

  • Democratic Kansas Governor Laura Kelly
  • U.S. District Judge William Osteen
  • Democratic North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
  • Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers
  • The Man Behind the YouTube Channel Jesus Truth
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Bill Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Joe Biden
  • Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)
  • Michael Bennet (D-CO)
  • Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
  • Cory Booker (D-NJ)
  • Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
  • Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
  • Ben Cardin (D-MD)
  • Tom Carper (D-DE)
  • Chris Coons (D-DE)
  • Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-NV)
  • Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)
  • Dick Durbin (D-IL)
  • Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
  • Kamala Harris (D-CA)
  • Maggie Hassan (D-NH)
  • Martin Heinrich (D-NM)
  • Mazie Hirono (D-HI)
  • Tim Kaine (D-VA)
  • Angus King (I-ME)
  • Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
  • Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
  • Ed Markey (D-MA)
  • Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
  • Jeff Merkley (D-OR)
  • Chris Murphy (D-CT)
  • Patty Murray (D-WA)
  • Gary Peters (D-MI)
  • Jack Reed (D-RI)
  • Jacky Rosen (D-NV)
  • Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
  • Brian Schatz (D-HI)
  • Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
  • Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
  • Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)
  • Tina Smith (D-MN)
  • Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)
  • Jon Tester (D-MT)
  • Tom Udall (D-NM)
  • Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)
  • Mark Warner (D-VA)
  • Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
  • Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
  • Ron Wyden (D-OR)
  • All Planned Parenthood Workers and Supports
  • All Abortion Clinic Workers and Supporters

Call Someone Out

Jesus Truth YouTube Channel Video

Last week, I called out some YouTube Commenters because they were spreading lies about the Catholic Church. Within that segment, there was a video titled “Stop Praying to Mary” which I completely ripped apart.

The same YouTube channel has a video called 30 Major Mistakes of the Catholic Church, so I am going to rip it apart. It’s about 1:15 minutes long, so I will be doing the first 7 of the mistakes this week and continuing with more next week. It may take a few weeks for me to finish them all, as there’s quite a bit to unpack.

***CORRECTION – I planned on doing 7 total mistakes between the free show and the paid after show, but I only got through 5. You can find the next 4 in the AFter Show, which is available by becoming a Patron at Patreon.com/BeardedBibleThumper.

The author of this video says up front, he believes the 1.3 billion Catholics in the world have been fooled and deceived into believing they are Christian. I am one of those 1.3 billion and I can attest, this person is completely wrong and has no idea what he’s talking about.

When I debunked his video last week, not only did he contradict himself, but he didn’t even do any research past a Wikipedia page. He refuses to use actual Catholic sources or the Catechism of the Catholic faith, which makes him a deceiver and ALL deceivers work for Satan.

There’s my BOLD claim about him. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing working for Satan under the name Jesus Truth. His channel is about attacking and exposing, not glorifying God in any way, shape, or form.

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let’s get into the video.

He starts with the question, Are Catholics Christians? He believes by the end of his video, the view will be able to answer this question without any hesitation. How about I help you out and save you the time watching this video.

Yes. Catholics are Christians as the Catholic Church is the one true church left by Jesus Christ for His followers. There we got that taken care of, let’s move on.

He starts by talking about where the term Catholic Church came from. He claims it came from Ignatius of Antioch and shocker, the source he shows is directly from a Wikipedia page.

While he actually gets the first usage of the word “Catholic” correct, but this makes my point of his videos being basically a rundown of Wikipedia pages. No offense to Wikipedia as it can be a decent source, sometimes, but you have to look up other sources to verify the facts as they can be edited by pretty much anybody at any time.

Next, he goes on to state that many scholars have questioned the legitimacy of the Letter to the Smyrnaeans, which is when St. Ignatius of Antioch first used the term “Catholic Church.” Of course, his source is still the Wikipedia page.

Okay, now he’s going to get into some dates and math. If you watched last week’s episode, you already know this guy isn’t good at dates or math as the video I talked about last week had an inaccurate date and the math wasn’t even close.

He’s using the claim that since the books of the bible were finished in 95 AD and the term “Catholic Church” wasn’t seen in writing until 107 AD to sew a seed of doubt.

Then, he confuses you even more by trying to say the Catholic Church wasn’t officially formed until 325 AD at the council of Nicaea.

Now, he makes a major mistake here by referring to it as the Roman Catholic Church, which isn’t correct, but probably on the Wikipedia page where he gets all his “facts”.

According to EWTN.com, a Catholic source, “The term Roman Catholic is not used by the Church herself; it is a relatively modern term, and one, moreover, that is confined largely to the English language.”

It wasn’t a term used in 325 AD and that wasn’t when the Catholic Church was officially founded. Let’s move on before I completely destroy his first so-called mistake of the Catholic Church.

His Mistake #1 – Catholics were the first Christian Church

He starts so predictably by stating the term “Catholic Church” came after the books of the bible were written in 95 AD because it wasn’t documented (to our knowledge) until 107 AD.

I think he assumes the world back then moves just as fast as today or that written proof is how all language starts. This will come up again when we talk about tradition, which was passed down orally, but let me destroy this ridiculous point, first.

First, the same source I cited before, EWTN.com does agree that St. Ignatius of Antioch used the term in writing in 107 AD. EWTN states,

“Around the year A.D. 107, a bishop, St. Ignatius of Antioch in the Near East, was arrested, brought to Rome by armed guards and eventually martyred there in the arena. In a farewell letter which this early bishop and martyr wrote to his fellow Christians in Smyrna (today Izmir in modern Turkey), he made the first written mention in history of “the Catholic Church.” He wrote, “Where the bishop is present, there is the Catholic Church” (To the Smyrnaeans 8:2). Thus, the second century of Christianity had scarcely begun when the name of the Catholic Church was already in use.”

The term was also used by St. Polycarp in 155 AD and the same source states:

“St. Polycarp was martyred around 155, and the account of his sufferings dates back to that time. The narrator informs us that in his final prayers before giving up his life for Christ, St. Polycarp “remembered all who had met with him at any time, both small and great, both those with and those without renown, and the whole Catholic Church throughout the world.”

St. Polycarp was 86 years when he was martyred for his faith. This means, he was born somewhere around 69 AD. He would have been 38 years of age when St. Ignatius of Antioch first used the term “Catholic Church” in writing.

Since he used the term in his final prayer and it was common of writings during this time for the term “Catholic Church” to be used, it’s not much of a jump to assume it was used before the books of the bible were completed vocally.

Remember, written records of anything in this era were scarce. Bibles were chained inside churches and scripture was passed down in families orally, not through writing or through a physical bible.

It’s also important to point out that the word “catholic” means universal and one would not use the word universal to describe something new that hasn’t caught on yet. That would be like saying a video has gone viral today, but it only has a half dozen views.

If St. Ignatius of Antioch was the first to use the term “Catholic Church” ever in 107 AD, then how would the Christians in Smyrna (who he wrote the letter to) have any idea what he was talking about?

We can go even further as EWTN states:

“The term was already understood even then to be an especially fitting name because the Catholic Church was for everyone, not just for adepts, enthusiasts or the specially initiated who might have been attracted to her.

Again, it was already understood that the Church was “catholic” because — to adopt a modern expression — she possessed the fullness of the means of salvation. She also was destined to be “universal” in time as well as in space, and it was to her that applied the promise of Christ to Peter and the other apostles that “the powers of death shall not prevail” against her (Mt 16:18).”

Then, he goes on to say that the first church came from the Book of Acts and we know for sure it wasn’t the Catholic Church simply because a word meaning “universal” wasn’t used in writing until 107 AD.

I don’t know what church this guy belongs to. As I stated before, he is doing the work of the ultimate deceiver here as there are NO Protestant churches that can be traced back past the 1500s.

So, when it comes to which church was the first church, do we assume (he says you cannot make any assumptions whatsoever) it was some Christian church that is basically lost or was lost for 1500 years before Martin Luther finally got it right or do we look at the simple fact that the Catholic church can be traced back to 33 AD as seen in the bible.

According to a document found on BeginningCatholic.com on their page Catholic Church Origin,

Pope Benedict XVI (when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger) teaches us that Jesus’s creation of the Twelve was first clear sign of the Catholic Church’s origin. St. Mark writes in his Gospel, “And he appointed twelve, to be with him, and to be sent out to preach and have authority to cast out demons” (Mk 3:14-15). The Pope comments:

The symbolic value of the Twelve is… of decisive significance: …the number of Jacob’s sons, the …twelve tribes of Israel…. [In doing this,] Jesus presents himself as the patriarch of a new Israel and institutes these twelve men as its origin and foundation. There could be no clearer way of expressing the beginning of a new people, which is no longer formed by physical descent but by ‘being with Jesus’….

(Called to Communion, p.24-25)

After this, we see the first explicit testimony of the Catholic Church’s origin when Jesus chooses Peter to be the rock of the Church’s foundation. Here, Jesus plainly says that he is founding a new Church:

And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

(Mt 16:18-19)

This is important!

Based on this Scripture passage, our faith should account for three things:

The will of Christ was to found a Church, and promised that “the powers of death shall not prevail against it.”

He gave to Peter “the keys of the kingdom of heaven”.

He also gave Peter the power to “bind” and “loose”, a power that is also binding in heaven. (This power is promised first to Peter, in this passage. Later in Mt 18:18, it’s also promised to the Apostles as a whole.)

Catholics take this passage seriously. We trace the Catholic Church’s origin to this point! We believe that Jesus clearly expresses his will here, and that will is to “build my church”, invest it with his own authority, and give Peter a special role as the head of that Church.

In addition, another article from EWTN.com states:

In concert with His redemptive act, Jesus did three things that established the framework of His Church. First, He chose humans to carry out His work. He appointed Peter to be the visible head of the Church. Jesus said to Peter, “You are Rock and on this rock I will build my Church.” (Matthew 16: 18) Jesus said “build,” as in to create a structure. Jesus built His structure on specifically chosen human beings Peter and the apostles.

Second, Jesus gave Peter and the apostles the power and authority to carry out His work. “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.”(Matthew 16:19; 18:18) “Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven, whose sins you retain, they are retained.”(John 20:23)

Third, Jesus gave Peter and the apostles commands as to what that work should be. At the last supper, He commanded, “Do this in memory of Me.” (Luke 22:19) He commanded them to “Make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), and to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

The early Church was structured in a hierarchical manner as it is today. We see in Acts, chapter 15 how the apostles and the elders came together under the leadership of St. Peter to decide the question of what was required of Gentiles. We also see how St. Peter was regarded as the head of the Church when St. Paul, “Went up to Jerusalem to confer with Kephas [Peter] and remained with him fifteen days.” (Galatians 1:18) There is no Scriptural evidence of independent local churches.

The Catholic Church is the only church that can claim to have been founded by Christ personally. Every other church traces its lineage back to a mere human person such as Martin Luther or John Wesley. The Catholic Church can trace its lineage back to Jesus Christ who appointed St. Peter as the first pope. This line of popes has continued unbroken for almost 2,000 years.

There’s your proof. When you leave the Wikipedia page about the Catholic church and you get into actual Catholic Sources, you see the person behind the Jesus Truth YouTube Channel is twisting and deceiving so that he can continue to attack the Catholic church for his personal gain.

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