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Welcome, I am the Bearded Bible Thumper and this is the BBT Show. Today, I will be talking about women as Leaders in the Catholic Church, Tennessee Faith Leaders, Representative Terri Collins, Cardi B & Bruno Mars, and I will be responding to a recent Attack on the Catholic Church.

Let’s start with a prayer.

Opening Prayer

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love.

Where there is injury, pardon.

Where there is doubt, faith.

Where there is despair, hope.

Where there is darkness, light.

Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,

grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;

to be understood, as to understand;

to be loved, as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


Okay, let’s get into the show today. Unfortunately, I cannot go live anymore on YouTube until I hit 1,000 subscribers. They changed the rules and you must have 1,000 subscribers to go live on your mobile device. I would switch over to my computer, but the camera it came with is horrible and I haven’t had a chance to get a webcam.

From here on out, the BBT Show will be recorded on Thursdays and posted between 8:30pm and 9pm, depending on how fast it uploads. I will be shooting it without editing from 7pm to 8pm with the after show following for about 30 to 45 minutes. The After Show will be available between 9pm and 9:30pm, so you can watch both on Thursday nights!

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I know, the big news was the Fire in Paris at the Notre Dame Cathedral. I want to address that and I will, but I won’t be addressing the Paris fire until the After Show. For this news segment, I want to talk about the demand from liberals for Female Church Leadership within the Catholic Church.

The article I want to talk about comes from LifeSiteNews.com and was written by Joseph Shaw. It discusses an open letter written to Pope Francis and published by Swiss Catholic Leaders asking the pope to take steps against the “heresy of clericalism” as the “origin of secualised power and its cover up.”

The letter was written by Josef Annen, the Zurich vicar general, and Franziska Driessen-Reding, the synodal president of the Catholic Church in Zurich. It was published on April 4th, 2019 in several Zurich dailies and stated that the “Catholic Church is ablaze.”

The article from LifeSiteNews.com quotes the letter as follows:

“The terrible thing is that shepherds who were appointed to serve the Gospel Message are responsible for this firestorm,” the letter states, adding that Catholics in Zurich are leaving the Church feeling “alienated, indignant and bitter.”

According to The Tablet, the authors write, “Your clear words (on the subject) are important for us but they are not enough.” They perceive a parallel with the eve of the Protestant Revolt, when, according to them, the Church was “unwilling and incapable of introducing reforms”.

The Tablet summarizes their demands as “independent courts in the Church where Catholics can sue for basic rights; appointing women to leading positions in the Church; and synodal processes through which admission to Church offices can be decided regionally.”

The author of the articles goes on to say:

I confess I have some sympathy for the first of these, although I may be understanding the idea somewhat differently from the Zürich writers. Canon law forbids the abuse of power in many ways but grants ordinary Catholics, both laity and clergy, very limited, if any, avenues for legal redress. If your bishop has wronged you, there is usually simply no way to sue for your rights in Church courts.

I tend to agree with the author here. There should be an avenue for legal redress when it comes to someone in power within the Catholic Church abusing that power. In fact, I think some of the people that have left the Catholic church have done so due to a priest or bishop wronging them and not because they actually disagree with core beliefs within the church.

The letter written by the Zurich leaders is a bit unclear when it comes to what “leading positions in the Church” means and which ones should be open to women. Joseph Shaw believes it’s a “roundabout way of calling for the ordination of women to the priesthood” and I tend to agree with Shaw.

Basically, these Zurich letter authors believe if women were in positions of leadership within the Catholic Church, everything would be just perfect. Do they think women don’t sin? Are they really so liberal that they think putting women in positions of leadership within the church is a good thing?

Personally, and no offense to women, but I think the idea of women in the position of priests, bishops, and even the pope is something specifically designed by Satan. These two Zurich leaders are very close to making my list of Satan’s soldiers as they are borderline wolves in sheep’s clothing.

As the article states:

“One may also ask why they think women, if they were somehow to be elevated to these positions, would magically lead to a more just Church. Perhaps they cling to an outmoded and patronising view of women and angels who are incapable of sinning — a view taken from secular Romanticism and far from being the teaching of the Church. If so, they should consider the ecclesial bodies, and indeed the secular institutions, which have women in leadership positions, which amply demonstrate that women, like men, have inherited Original Sin.”

The article goes on to discuss the final demand of the letter, but I am not going to get into that. I want to focus on the second demand, a bit more. Of course, you can read the article for yourself, as it will be included in the video description, podcast description and in my show notes over at BeardedBibleThumper.com

So, let’s talk about why women are not elevated to the position of Priest or any other leadership position within the Catholic church.

The simplest answer comes from EWTN.com, which states the following:

The question why women can’t be ordained priests is often confused with the issue of equality. The Holy Father has made it clear that men and women (as far as their sex is concerned) are equal before God (e.g., Mulieris Dignitatem 6). But equality isn’t identity. Men and women have different though complementary functions. Priesthood is a male function, for the reason that a priest is an icon of Christ, and Christ is male. The maleness of Christ is an important sign of His relationship to the Church, His Bride. As in nearly all cultures a man takes the initiative in winning a wife, so Christ took the initiative in winning souls and establishing His Church. For this reason, marriage is a “mystery” or sacrament of the Church (Eph 5:32).

A Theologian, Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych stated in an article on NCROnline.org: “In theology, we base ourselves not on human expectations, but we base ourselves on the revealed word of God,” the theologian told Catholic News Service. “We are not free to invent the priesthood according to our own customs, according to our own expectations.”

Another article from Catholic.com turns to the bible to explain why women cannot be priests. It states:

“While women could publicly pray and prophesy in church (1 Cor. 11:1–16), they could not teach or have authority over a man (1 Tim. 2:11–14), since these were two essential functions of the clergy. Nor could women publicly question or challenge the teaching of the clergy (1 Cor. 14:34–38).”

I will let you look up those bible passages on your own. While I don’t believe women should be priests, please understand, it’s not my words that say this, but the words of the Bible, the Church Fathers, and many other Catholic leaders over the history of the church.

Moving on…My religious item of the week is once again the Rugged Rosary.

Religious Item of the Week

Rugged Rosary

The original maker of Paracord Rosaries created to survive just about anything. These rosaries are made in the USA and provide the perfect gift for any man or woman looking or a truly Rugged Rosary. My wife gave me mine for Christmas this past year and I take it everywhere. It’s the most durable rosary I have ever found and I will leave a link in the Description to some of my favorite Rugged Rosaries found on Amazon.com.

You can also find them at RuggedRosary.com

Satan’s Soldier

This week’s Satan’s Soldiers include a group of people doing something they should never be doing if they want to call themselves Christians. This should infuriate Protestants and Catholics as just about every denomination had someone signing the letter.

The article from LifeNews.com states:

“A group of Tennessee faith leaders and activists publicly declared their support for abortion on demand in a letter urging pro-life Gov. Bill Lee to oppose heartbeat legislation.

Fox 17 in Nashville reports this month, more than 150 religious leaders signed the letter calling for abortions to be kept legal and easily accessible in Tennessee.”

150 leaders of so-called Christian churches just completely opposed Christ with this letter. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS IMMEDIATELY!!!

The letter they signed states:

“Because we trust pregnant people, we know that these decisions are informed by tremendous reflection and not taken lightly,” the letter states. “When a person decides that abortion is their best option, they need community support not obstacles preventing safe access to medical care.”

This is like spitting in the face of Jesus Christ himself. Really, you call yourself Christian and you turn around and support abortion by stating it should be safe and available.

Making abortion illegal makes it an even harder decision, as it should be. Women don’t have the right to “play God” and decide if their preborn baby lives or dies. When they take the place of God, they are doing the bidding of Satan and literally offering a blood sacrifice to Satan of the most innocent creature on this earth: a baby!

The article goes on to say. “The religious leaders urged Lee to oppose not just the heartbeat bill but “all attempts to criminalize and restrict abortion access.””

“They argued that lawmakers should “trust women” to decide whether to abort their unborn babies.”

So, we should “trust women” when it comes to a life they are not sure they want to be a mother to, which is the most basic thing women are created for? There are reasons for laws to protect human life and one of them is that some humans make horribly selfish decisions.

I don’t think we should be using the phrase “trust women” to justify murder. Did I miss something? Did women all of the sudden become incapable of sin?

Satan’s soldiers go on to state:

“While there are varied opinions on abortion based on religious beliefs, as persons with deep faith commitments, we affirm a person’s right to decide when to become a parent or expand their family,” they wrote. “As people of faith and as Tennesseans, we believe in loving our neighbors and treating one another as we would like to be treated — with compassion, dignity, and respect.”

Loving your neighbors also means those in the womb. There is no dignity, no respect, and no compassion in abortion whatsoever and these ARE NOT CHRISTIAN LEADERS!

EVERY single one of these 150 people that call themselves Christians is not following Christ. They are following society, selfishness, and Satan right into hell.

Of course, with all of the Satan’s Soldiers, there is time for repentance. However, if these 150 people don’t repent and ask for forgiveness, along with change their stance on abortion, they may not be going where they think they are going when life is over for them.

Here’s statement from one of those so-called Faith Leaders signing the letter:

“While decisions concerning pregnancy can be complex and difficult, I believe that all persons have the right to make decisions for themselves, in consultation with their doctors and faith leader where appropriate,” said the Rev. Judi Hoffman, a co-pastor at East End Methodist Church in Nashville who signed the letter.

Judi Hoffman is not a reverend and doesn’t deserve the title. “All persons have the right to make decisions for themselves,” is a very selfish statement that never takes into account the baby’s life.

Fake Pastor Napoleon Harris wants to make it about money and bring a “living wage” into it. Did Jesus not say we are supposed to take care of the poor? I don’t think he meant kill their unborn babies so they have more money.

He goes on to say:

“This decision is one that should be prayerfully made by families – the parents of the soon-to-be-born. This is not a decision to be left to legislators,” Harris said. “If legislators want to act in the best interests of morality and families, both admirable endeavors, procuring a living wage would be a more feasible means to that end.”

While I don’t advocate for big government, I also don’t advocate for Churches deciding to “play God.” These are not Christians. I will say it again, THESE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS!

They are following Satan and advocating for more innocent lives to be sacrificed to Satan.

Those signing the letter and making my list of Satan’s Soldiers belong to the following Protestant Denominations:

  • Methodist
  • Presbyterian
  • Baptist
  • Lutheran
  • United Church of Christ
  • Unitarian Universalists
  • African Methodist Episcopal
  • Episcopal
  • Brethren
  • Seventh Day Adventist
  • Anglican
  • Nazarene
  • Catholic
  • Jewish
  • Buddhist
  • Muslim
  • Pagan Priestess

Sadly, there were Catholic leaders that signed this letter and they should be excommunicated until they go to confession for their horrible sins.

Remember, Judas also called himself a follower of Christ and betrayed our Lord and Savior. Jesus said it would have been better if Judas was never born!

You can read the letter and see who signed it here.

Saintly Soldier

In better news, my Saintly Soldier for this week comes from the State of Alabama. It’s Republican Terri Collins, who sponsored State House Bill 314.

According to the LifeNews.com Article, “The legislation would make an abortion and attempted abortion a felony. Exceptions would be allowed if the mother’s life is at risk. Mothers would not be punished for having an abortion under the legislation.”

Collins was quoted in the article as saying:

Earlier, she told the Times Daily that she expects a legal challenge, and hopes the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold protections for the unborn.

“With liberal states like New York rushing to approve radical late-term and post-birth abortions, [the] passage of this bill will reflect the conservative beliefs, principles, and desires of the citizens of Alabama while, at the same time, providing a vehicle to revisit the constitutionally-flawed Roe v. Wade decision,” Collins said.

So while we have fake Christian leaders in Tennessee advocating for more Satanic sacrifices of innocent babies, We have a Saintly Soldier fighting for those without rights or a voice in Alabama in Representative Terri Collins.

Secular Song of the Week

Cardi B & Bruno Mars’ ‘Please Me’

This week’s secular song should be a no-brainer. It shouldn’t be listened to by anybody under the age of 21 and those adults listening to it probably need to do so within the confines of marriage with their spouse.

It’s pathetic that these are the people we let our children idolize. Okay, here we go, enjoy my reading of:

Uh, uh, yeah, come on

Please me, baby

Turn around and just tease me, baby

You know what I want and what I need, baby

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)


Please me, baby

Turn around and just tease me, baby

You know what I want and what I need, baby

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)

Please (woo)

First of all, what is being referred to isn’t a need….great start to this horrible song.

Lollipoppin’ (poppin’), twerkin’ in some J’s (ooh)

On the dance floor (uh-huh), no panties in the way (nope)

I take my time with it (ow), bring you close to me (ow)

Don’t want no young dumb shit

Better fuck me like we listenin’ to Jodeci

Um, do I really have to say it? she doesn’t want any “young dumb sh**” but this song sounds like immature garbage….pathetic.

I was tryna lay low (low), takin’ it slow (slow)

When I’m fuckin’ again (ayy)

Gotta celebrate, do you man look good? Better put him away

If you can’t sweat the weave out, you shouldn’t even be out

Dinner reservations like the pussy, you gon’ eat out

Again, do I really have to say it? This is a vile excuse for music.

I’m gonna ride it, do it just how you like it

Tonight and after that

Let’s do it one more time

Girl, I ain’t one for beggin’, but now you got me beggin’

Please me, baby

Turn around and just tease me, baby

You know what I want and what I need, baby

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)

Please (woo)

Please me, baby

Turn around and just tease me, baby

You know what I want and what I need, baby

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)

Please (woo)

Booty so round (round), booty so soft (soft)

Bet you wanna smack it again (ayy)

Let me demonstrate

Hit it one time, make it levitate

Titties out like blaka (blaka)

Broke bitches watch out now (watch out)

Your pussy basura (basura)

My pussy horchata (oh)

This is like musical pornography and nobody should let this into their ears ever!

I’m gonna ride it, do it just how you like it

Tonight and after that (ooh)

Let’s do it one more time

Girl, I ain’t one for beggin’, but now you got me beggin’

Please me, baby

Turn around and just tease me, baby

You know what I want and what I need, baby

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)

Please (woo)

Come on

Come on, back it up for me

Come on

Ooh, twerk it on me slowly

Come on

Girl, let me put this lovin’ on you

You better say that shit (uh)

Cardi don’t play that shit (yeah)

Do my back like I do these records, break that shit

Please me, baby (uh)

Turn around and just tease me, baby (uh, ooh)

You know what I want and what I need, baby (yes)

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)

Please (woo)

Please me, baby

Turn around and tease me, baby

You got what I want and need, baby

(Let me hear you say)


(Let me hear you say)

Please (woo)

The video is even worse and sadly, I had to watch it so I could include it in this show. I do not recommend watching it and please don’t let that be reverse psychology. This is one your curiosity doesn’t need to get the best of you on.

It starts off with an after party and seems innocent enough, but that doesn’t last long.

Soon enough you have Bruno Mars and Cardi B locking eyes in a diner and all of the sudden the innocent diner turns into a dance club.

When Cardi B starts rapping, it sounds like the Devil is speaking and, of course, the video becomes a porno with all kinds of sex positions and the idolization of the female body.

How the video doesn’t break about a dozen rules on YouTube and through the FCC is beyond me. It’s disgusting and vile. The diner in the video should be shut down and the streets they move to later should be better policed.

Once again, it’s just ridiculous puppets of Satan spreading garbage as they convince more boys and girls to do things they should never do. Parents, be aware of this song and so many other secular songs. Don’t let this crap creep into the brains of your impressionable children. If you do, you’re basically inviting Satan and his legion of demons into the minds of your children.

Parents I urge you to read the lyrics of the music your children listen to. If you don’t know the song, read the lyrics before you let them listen to it. I wish my parents had done this for me as I listened to such garbage and I wanted to be like many of the sick and twisted rappers I listened to for quite some time.

Music can brainwash us and influence us. Read the lyrics before you let your kids listen to secular music. It’s not all bad, but a good portion of it is horrific.

What I am Reading Now

Signs of Life by Scott Hahn

20 Catholic Customs and their Biblical Roots

I just started reading this book and I can already tell it will become one of my favorites very quickly. I have heard Scott Hahn talk and he’s an amazing speaker and author. If you don’t know his story, he was a Protestant Preacher and converted to Catholicism. It’s certainly worth hearing and you can find it on YouTube. Just search for Scott Hahn conversion story.

Praying for our Enemies

  • Lyndsey G Godwin,
  • Dr. Monique Moultrie
  • Paige Elliott
  • Mrs. Geneva Andrews
  • Mrs. Carolyn Roberson
  • Dr. Gordon Gibson
  • Paul Eknes-Tucker,
  • Tereva Parham
  • Ms. Pat Mccollum
  • Robert D Williams
  • Julie Bailey
  • Ms. Carole Caprio
  • Mr. James Gingrow
  • Mrs. Angela M. Dillon
  • Ms. Erika Nelson
  • Teresa Smallwood
  • Roberta Nelson
  • Michael D. Le Buhn Jr.
  • Judi Hoffman
  • Jennifer Bailey
  • Ms. Elizabeth Manning
  • Ms. Suzanne LeBeau
  • Mr. Crossville
  • Cheryl Cornish
  • Dr.Emilie M. Townes
  • Ms. McEwen
  • Dr. Donald Dougall
  • Deborah Lynn
  • Laura Bogle
  • Ms. Judith Clerjeune
  • Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
  • Dr. Stephanie Budwey
  • Michelle E. Shaw
  • Lauren Cook
  • Dr. Courtney Pace
  • Cherisse Scott
  • Ms. Elise Saulsberry
  • Judy Cummings
  • Dawn Bennett
  • Dr. Annette Sisson
  • Christy Jo Harber
  • Sara Jane Goodman
  • Susan Crawford
  • Cecilia Olusola Tribble
  • Dr. Elizabeth Nicholson
  • Rev. April Baker
  • Corinne Rovetti
  • Napoleon Harris
  • Dr. Jessica Stoiko
  • Dr. Victor Anderson
  • Alaenor F. London
  • Dr. Diane Keeney
  • Mr. Eric Brown Jr.
  • Ms. Samantha Smith
  • Erin Racine
  • Heather Lefkowitz
  • Dr. Graham Reside
  • Kira Austin-Young
  • Mr. Andrew Russell Flanigan
  • Sarah Grove
  • Dr. Ellen Armour
  • Steve Montgomery
  • Rachel Ternes
  • Klem-Marí Cajigas
  • William Christians
  • Dr. Earle J. Fisher
  • Dr. Nabil A. Bayakly
  • Micah D. Greenstein
  • Ms. Lauren Plummer
  • Dr. Jeralyn B. Major
  • Margaret Ernst
  • Johnny Ray Sears
  • Shelby Lewis
  • Arelis Benitez
  • Ms. Charlotte Hoigard
  • Ms. Stephanie Powers
  • Elizabeth Gedmark
  • Ms. Bianca Powell
  • Jordan Scruggs
  • Mrs. Catherine Hutchison
  • Ms. Melissa Lee
  • Ms. Charlene Rice
  • Peninah Botwinick
  • Dr. Donna W. Sherwood
  • Ms. Janis Tilton
  • Mrs. Kate Harrison
  • Ms. Susan Cardwell
  • Ms. Lauren Hulse
  • Laurie Ewasek
  • Ms. Ava McDaniel
  • Ms. Samara Duncan
  • Mary Naylor
  • Ms. Ashton Dunn
  • Ms. Nina Goad
  • Ms. Lorena Roberts
  • Cara Doidge Kilgore
  • Amanda Creech
  • Kate Tucker
  • Will Lasley
  • Ms. Dianna McCullough
  • Mr. Geoffrey Bates
  • Mr. Jonathan Holland
  • Mrs. Michelle Hefley
  • Mrs. Cookeville
  • Mrs. Valorie Calton
  • Rhonda Thibodeaux
  • Ms. Venus Lugo Wooten
  • Mrs. Virginia Fowler
  • Mr. Glen Harris
  • Ben Hunt
  • Ms. Ileta Galau
  • Marcia Free
  • Ms. Cynthia Bennett
  • Mrs. Marta Parson
  • Ms. Catherine Wood
  • Dr. Michele Moser
  • Ms. Michelle Reagan
  • Loretta A Rittle
  • Regina Clarke
  • Ms. Maya Koziol
  • Mrs. Kimberly Layne Beck
  • Mrs. Ruth M. Tuft
  • Mrs. Deborah Neal
  • C.M. Underdown-DuBois
  • Ms. Emily Green-Cain
  • Joey Hodge
  • Ms. Charlotte Mabry
  • Ms. Jackie Ross Flaum
  • Shana Mackler,
  • Dahron Johnson
  • LeAnne M McComb
  • Dr. Mary Louise McCullough
  • Mary Murphy
  • Alison Lutz
  • Rebecca Wilcox
  • Mary Early-Zald
  • Peter Capretto
  • Ms. Connally Davies Penley
  • Floridia Jackson
  • Jeannie M. Hunter
  • Ms. Casandra Miller
  • Katherine Smith
  • Becca Ganick
  • Dr. Eileen R. Campbell-Reed
  • Susie Zuller
  • Ms. Kimberli Rose Jensen
  • Dr. Susan Ford
  • Dr. Rosalyn Nichols
  • Alandria London
  • Ayanna Watkins
  • Deborah Clubb
  • Briana Perry
  • Miss Rachel Lesler
  • Mrs. Catherine Turner
  • Mrs. Catherine Hutchison
  • Dr. Owen Phillips
  • Joe Biden
  • Tennessee Faith Leaders Supporting Abortion
  • Zerlina Maxwell
  • Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • All Planned Parenthood Workers
  • All Abortion Doctors
  • Cory Booker
  • Bill Weld
  • Anybody Abusing Children
  • Priests Not Following the Catechism
  • Fake Christians

Calling Out YouTube Commenters

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Transition Joke – Punchline in After Show

Four Catholic men and a Catholic woman were having coffee in St. Peters Square.

The first Catholic man tells his friends, “My son is a priest, when he walks into a room, everyone calls him ‘Father’.”

The second Catholic man chirps, “My son is a Bishop. When he walks into a room people call him ‘Your Grace’.”

The third Catholic gent says, “My son is a Cardinal. When he enters a room everyone bows their head and says ‘Your Eminence’.”

The fourth Catholic man says very proudly, “My son is the Pope. When he walks into a room people call him ‘Your Holiness’.”

Want the rest of this joke? It will be included in the After Show, which you can get by becoming a Patron over at Patreon.com/BeardedBibleThumper. It’s just $3 a month and you’ll gain full access to the After Show every single week. Plus, you’ll be supporting me as I create more videos like this one and keep bringing you great content. Again, go to Patreon.com/BeardedBibleThumper to get the after show every single week!

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